Cookoo for cocoa!

Published February 23, 2012 by Solstice Sweets

look familar?

Published January 26, 2012 by Solstice Sweets

Are you tired of making this face when you have had an unhappy treat?

lost in blog world at the moment

Published January 26, 2012 by Solstice Sweets

hello lovely sweet lovers! thank you so much for your support and time in checking out my site for you. But it’s very much a work in great progress. So please be patient and return so you can see what’s cooking!! i am planning to be posting cookie close-ups and give you full coverage of my cupcake runways! I will be sharing with you weekly specials and   offering you great deals on edible gift baskets and also telling you where to find me and my basket on a lovely Sunday afternoon. These are just a few of things this site plans to do. For example, i’ve been dreamstorming a new cookie bar lately. This bar is quite the hook-up spot ! I  have Bailey’s butterscotch liquor,  Kaluah,  and mint chocolate rum rendevousing with my creamed butter and flour. That’s just the beginning.  i’ve been taking notes of flashes of inspiration and researching the best ways to make my new cookie bar irresistable. My cookie bar will be the best tasting buzz you have ever had so come back to find out when its ready!!!